INBOXBrush is a drag-and-drop based design tool that was created to make your works easier and much more quality. So how does INBOXBrush make everything that easy and look professional?    

 INBOXBrush is completely designed to create you a comfort and freedom zone. You can easily reflect your design ideas on the template for the perfect newsletter in your mind without requiring any technical or software knowledge. 

 You can transfer any pictures or photos you want from your computer to your chosen template. You can write your articles in the format you want and place them anywhere on the template. With the use of drag-and-drop, you can instantly create your dream design. You can also integrate the files and links you prepared for your newsletter or your video and presentation content into your template. 

Add your social media accounts to your newsletter, directing the user to the address when the icon is clicked. If you know HTML coding and have a special design prepared, you can easily add it to your template.

INBOXBrush avoids possible data loss by automatically recording your work in every operation you make on your newsletter. If you forget to save, don't worry. INBOXBrush has definitely recorded your work.

All messages sent with INBOXBrush are created automatically mobile-friendly. You can instantly send mobile-friendly newsletters to your users without any HTML coding knowledge.

INBOXBrush is constantly updated and renewed by our software developers and designers, so you can access all the design tools required by our age from a single point.

In summary, creative, easy, professional.

Have an easy day!