If you have a business, e-mail will be at the center of it. You will perform transactions such as membership transactions, account statements, purchases, password reset, cargo notifications, event reminders via e-mails. These types of transactional emails are often the most critical but neglected part of your business. A well-designed transactional email has great potential, but preparing it correctly can be complex and time-consuming.

Discover useful tools like INBOXNotify to maximize the sending and optimization of your transactional email. Set up your “API relay” in minutes, automate your shipments, and access our reliable and fast shipping platform.
With the INBOXNotify template feature, you can easily create your templates for your e-mails with similar content and send them faster.
Automatically hide or view your post history based on conditions or segments and use dynamic bookmarks to offer personalized features in a single template.
Organize alerts with our real-time monitoring feature and get notifications in case of unusual sending volume or delayed transmission and fix the issue of delivery of your emails instantly.
Creating and updating transactional email often requires collaboration between different teams. It allows you to create operational e-mails without writing a single code with ready templates. Marketing teams and technical teams can then easily design and update transactional emails in collaboration.
It is important that your e-mails reach inbox, but it is not enough. INBOXNotify transmits your e-mails at the speed of light thanks to its multi-channel sending infrastructure. For example, you wouldn't want to hold someone who registers as a subscriber to your website for their activation email, would you?
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Have a transactional day!